The gorges, created during the last 10 million years and is the result of geological changes due to seismic and volcanic activity. Water is also an important factor creating canyons. The huge amounts of water and the constant flow of water through these creationists terrain of the canyon!

The gorges are small mountain rivers with permanent or seasonal flow, having a feeding bowl, some of them have continuous flow throughout the year a few months and some of the canyons are dry.

Epirus has many gorges on the famous Tzoumerka and activity of Canyoning in Ioannina is developed continuously!

Canyon Vikaki (path without ropes)
Route Authority: village Tsepelovo
Route End: Village Kipoi
Duration 4 hours (approximately)
Moderate degree of difficulty

Trekking at Skala Vradeto
Route Authority: village Vradeto
Route End: Village Kapesovo
Duration 4 hours (approximately)
Moderate degree of difficulty

Canyoning in the equipment provided by us (harness, neoprene suits, helmets, etc.). You need mountaineering or sports shoes